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Hey everybody! :)
I got accepted to SUNY Cobleskill in January, and I recently visited. I love it and without a doubt, i'm going there in August for social sciences/(welfare/social work in specific). I can't wait... so I just wanted to give a hello. :)

Click for my sappy, hopeless little love story that happened to me when I visited Cobleskill...Collapse )
Tomorrow is April 13, National Day of Silence. This day is to honor those who are forced to be silence every day by hate, weither they be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. Silence can be a very powerful protest tool against hate. We can use this silence to help us focus on making our own voices stronger and to begin to stop silencing ourselfs. What will YOU do to then the silence?

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Student Day

Is anybody going April 15th?? I'm going to be there!

My birthday is coming up yay! April 27th ::Dances Around In Circles::
so i went to that student accepted thing yesterday. most of it was a complete waste of time and i need to add more credits to my schedual to satisfly my overachieving. we had to sit in this gym and watch some guy talk about sports which was completly not necessary. after that foxxie came and rescued me because i was alone and nervous and so out of place. are there ANY punks or the like on campus? the new people i was with were quite intimidating as they all had friends. who else was there?


MY birthday is on Saturday April 2nd.

Horse Question

Hey I hear a new barn is being built on the Equestrian side??

Does that mean we can board horses on campus finally?

Is anyone attending the April 5, 2005 assembly at the Holiday Inn?
Are any of you guys going to be at the accepted student day on friday April 1st?

Just curious...
It'd be nice to know someone before I go, lol...


I want to go to college now!

73 more days before I graduate from Holy Names! You have no idea how much it is killing me lol....

I am tired of wearing uniforms, I want to go back to wearing simple jeans and a hoody every day to school..
I am tired of the "clicks" the Preppy girls, Goth girls, Basketball girls, Softball girls, Lesbian girls, Smart girls, etc..... Ahhhh!
I am tired of cranky "Nuns" and getting in trouble for uniform infractions and wearing sneakers when I should be wearing loafers.

Please tell me Cobleskill is going to be different!

I'm just not feeling good today.....My stomach is upset.

Mar. 1st, 2005

woo im visiting in a month for accepted student day. im getting a bit nervous.. i'm really shy >_<. i hear i may be able to bring OiOiPolloi (my horse) with me though. i really hope, if not, i can find a barn nearby.
well i like being in this group i met a fun new friend and we saw a movie Pitch Black i liked it it was cool