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New to town...

 Hey everyone.. my name is Laura.. I just moved up here in Cobleskill a couple of weeks ago with my parents. They have been living up here for about two years. I had an apartment on LongIsland but the rent was too expensive so I decided to move up here with them. I plan on attending the college fall semester of '08. I am origionally from LongIsland and grew up there. Just wondering what everyone does for fun around here. My cousin came here to visit me not too long ago and we went to a bar called Locomotives I think? Pretty cool place. Well, just saying hello. I wish I was starting school this semester cause I'm really looking forward to meeting new people. 

So what other places are nice to hangout around here?


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Dec. 21st, 2007 07:18 am (UTC)
Things to do, things to do, things to do.

Well, first I want to pass the congrats on your entrance to Cobleskill. The next 4-5 years of your life will be the most memorable. With that out of the way, realize that Suny Coby is an Ag and Tech school. On the weekends most ag students go home (regardless of distance) to work the farms. The tech guys are mostly set with their PC's in their lap.

So that leaves a bare campus and a practically empty community as your working grounds. As a student, get involved with campus affairs. There are several groups you can join, and if you don't like what we offer, make one! As far as in town is concerned... well we have Loco's... and Walmart. You'll be surprised what you can do with a few hours in Walmart.

Creativity will be your friend. Otherwise, just sleep off the weekends and be ready for Monday to roll around. I wish I could say I'd be here for your orientation, BUT I happen to be graduating with my Bachelor's today.

So I wish you a good luck!
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