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Davis Hall Changes

Some of you may have not known, but starting Fall '09, the first two floors of Davis Hall will be Freshman only.

If you feel this is wrong, log a complaint at Residential Life.

Good luck.

New to town...

 Hey everyone.. my name is Laura.. I just moved up here in Cobleskill a couple of weeks ago with my parents. They have been living up here for about two years. I had an apartment on LongIsland but the rent was too expensive so I decided to move up here with them. I plan on attending the college fall semester of '08. I am origionally from LongIsland and grew up there. Just wondering what everyone does for fun around here. My cousin came here to visit me not too long ago and we went to a bar called Locomotives I think? Pretty cool place. Well, just saying hello. I wish I was starting school this semester cause I'm really looking forward to meeting new people. 

So what other places are nice to hangout around here?

Reducing stress:

So that you guys know, I'm a 4th year, returning Coby student, a peer mentor, night host, and president of the Suny Cobleskill Tae Kwon Do club. I'll make this short and sweet for you all.

First off, there's plenty of time for the roommate thing. Many students end up changing rooms anyways. Bring the necessities: Clothes, yourself, books, computer et al, ect. You'll learn to surf the web for hours on end like myself and ForsakenPoptart who posted below me.

Second: There is an on-campus post office. It's all good. Know it, love it, hate it. Most of the time you won't be getting mail. You can, on a daily basis, acknowledge the fact that nobody loves you. (Bad joke.)

Third: The first few days will be hectic. You'll get into school, they'll wave you around, I'll probably be the tiger out front. Whatever. Do your business. The second day will be filled with people, like me, attempting to get you to loosen up. Sticks in the asses is a bad thing. I'm a third generation Peer Mentor. I have three generations of freshmen behind me who have grown into awesome leaders. That aside.

fourth: Clubs, EVERYWHERE. You're into anime? Seek me out. I'm a current member of the club. RPG? Again, me. There are plenty of clubs and resources to keep a wandering freshman busy.

-Edit- Hit enter too soon. XD
Anyways, You'll have internet, phone, food, etc. You'll have fun. For some people, college is a thing to come too soon. For others, it will come naturally and it'll be all good. Just relax and let things flow. Work on your loan papers and getting all the paperwork in on time. The sooner the loans are settled, the sooner you'll get your tentative schedule. After which, everything should be in the gold.

This is your residential pain signing off saying, "I'll see you next semester."

If you have any questions you want to ask specifically, or just wanna chat, message me at Aythrea@aim. I'll return your message as soon as I can.

Jan. 22nd, 2006

Hiya, I just got accepted and will be heading to Cobleskill in August! I'm soo exited! My intended major is Web Development. :D Just curious, how big is it? Big enough to get lost? Cuz I don't exactly have the best sense of direction. :P So you're all not like "Who the heck is this?!" I'm Ariella, and I guess the best word you could use to describe me is weird, mostly since I dress in Japanese style clothes and listen to mostly Japanese music. (I know, I'm a weirdo..and I love it. :D) I'm not gonna make it to the open house in April so will they have other one's before August? Oh, and how are the dorms? Big? Stinky? A bit of both? And where do you find out about the different clubs and stuff?

A few questions... :)

Hey guys, i've got questions concerning SUNY Cobleskill.
#1- Is there a post office near campus? How close is it? Is it walking distance from campus? (I'll be a Freshie so I won't have a ride...)
#2- I go to SUNY Cobleskill on August 18th. They haven't sent me anything reguarding my roomate- i'm very concerned because i'd really like to get in contact with them and figure out who is bringing what and so forth. When do they usually let you know?
#3- I'd like to get a job on campus. Where do I need to go for that?

Thanks guys! :)
Does anyone know anything about how early we can make our schedules or register for classes?
I have to make this short because I have to go to work but I just got the stuff about the accepted students day this friday the 6th and Id really love to go but both of my parents are schoolteachers who cant get the day off and I dont yet drive. I know that one of you are from the greenville area but is anyone who is going on friday and going through or past my way (greenville) and think that maybe i would be able to catch a ride... :/ kinda weird question because I dont know yall much, or at all.

"...World...This is me..."

Ok so I just wrote a blog for this community and it messed up on me so I'm gonna make this really short and sweet. My name is Jennifer and I've recently been accepted to suny cobleskill for the fall 05 semester. I'm stoked about it but at the same time I'm a little nervous because it's different than what I'm usedto and I'll be going into it without knowing anyone. I personaly think I'm a pretty outgoing person but the thought of going through this change on my own and not having anyone to, idk i cant find the right word but to share it with seems kinda nerve racking. So this is my first of many more attempts.